Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SpecialMoms Parenting Magazine – Vacationing With Food Allergies

Another great free, on line magazine for parenting exceptional needs. I included the link to the page about vacationing with food allergies, but you can navigate the whole magazine with the arrows to the right and left once you have opened it, click on the full screen icon on the tool bar and read away through the magazine!! Some great topics of interest. There are tips on "fighting cabin fever", " turning staycation into vacation" "how to plan vacations when your child has food allergies", " keeping calm through movements" just to name a few. Great resource, and I also noticed there are back issues on the right hand side column you can look at. You don't have to download to look at the magazine, just use the arrows!! hope you enjoy checking it out. 

Link to the page on vacationing with food allergies:

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