Monday, July 27, 2015


This was a really neat post also found on scholars choice about the benefits of the Rainbow Looms. They are amazing, and I know one young lady, who has created some amazing creations from her imagination, creativity and skills to see the finished project that she wanted to make. Certainly worth trying out and seeing what your artist can make!!

While you might think that Rainbow Loom is a passing childhood fad, they are still one of the best-selling craft kits of today, and at Scholar’s Choice, we love them! Their therapeutic and educational benefits are endless!
hand_eye Fine Motor Skills
This intricate looming process helps to develop fine motor skills, along with hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination, and strengthens the pincher grip (the foundation for proper printing).
thinking_skills Cognitive Skills
This is where Rainbow Loom shines as an educational activity, sneakily disguising the learning behind hours of crafting fun! Each creation requires the child to follow a step by step pattern, and aids in developing the skills to focus on the task at hand.  This focus can translate to other aspects of a child’s life, including in the classroom and on homework. The Rainbow Loom is also a great tool for strengtheningmathematics skills. Each pattern that the child follows will lay out the number and colours of bands needed to complete the project.  The child will need to count out and sort the elastics prior to starting the project.  This helps to develop the child’s basic math skills of sorting, counting and addition. Rainbow loom patterns are also a great way for children to think about patterning and symmetry. Rainbow Loom is a great way to strengthen problem solving skills as well! When creating with the loom the child may have the elastic come off the loop.  They will need to recall the pattern and decide to figure out how to pick up the dropped elastic or start again.
imagination Creativity & Imagination
Of course, the Rainbow Loom offers endless opportunities for creativity! When they first start using the loom, the child will choose the colours they wish to use for their creation, while using a pattern template to guide them.  As they become more confident in using the loom, they will start to make up their own designs.
social_dev Social Skills & Self Esteem
With each creation that children make, they are building their self-esteem and confidence in their creativity. What is more, Rainbow Loom helps children withpersistence and patience. Younger children will need to practice in order to create even the simple patterns. The first time a child follows a pattern they may not get it right.  They may have to try to make the pattern a few times before it comes out the way it is expected.  Through the creation of a bracelet, or other item, the child may become frustrated and the skill to deal with this frustration is one that will help them in many situations. Children will continue to try over and over again until they are happy with their creations. Rainbow Loom also encourages social skills– the basics of communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
communication Speech & Language Skills
Rainbow Loom encourages language development, as children communication ideas and collaborate with others on designs. Beyond that, many of the patterns and creations that children are coming up with they have found online.  Children are learning to spell and read in order to be able to search for the creations online.

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