Friday, July 3, 2015

Cooking with Kids: Ice Cream Sandwiches

SERIOUSLY?? YUMM...Did you know that July was a national ice cream month?? Well I will endorse that!!
This looked too good not to share! Enjoy and be sure to celebrate ice cream all month-as you would do!!

Foodie Fun for Kids Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum!

In honor of July being National Ice Cream Month, and it happens to be summertime, what better way to kick back and unwind than by enjoying a yummy, ice cream snack? Not only is it a delicious treat, it’s also a great way to have fun with the family!
–       Any Brand of Cookie dough you prefer (homemade or pre-made, your choice)
–       1 pint of vanilla ice cream
–       Red, white and blue sprinkles (any kind)
Parent: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Kiddo: Place cookie dough onto baking pan.
Parent: Bake cookies for about 10-11 minutes (as you see fit).
Parent: Let cookies sit until they are room temperature.
Kiddo: Place your sprinkles into a bowl during this time.
Kiddo: Put 2 scoops of vanilla onto your cookie, then take another cookie and place it on top of your ice cream.
Kiddo/Parent: Even out the sides of your ice cream sandwich so that it is smooth on the sides.
Kiddo: Dip the ice cream sandwich into the bowl of sprinkles (make sure all the sides are covered with sprinkles.)
After all the sandwiches are done, place them into a large “Tupperware” container and allow the sandwiches to cool in the freezer for up to an hour.

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