Saturday, April 11, 2015

You know you're a Sensory Processing Disorder Parent when...

This is a great article that has many 'parts' to it, check it out, made me laugh out loud at a  number of them, been there- ABSOLUTELY- have a look at the other links around parents comments on finishing that sentence, as well as the home page, which I also put on here. Some great links and resources. 
Finish this sentence…

“You know you’re an SPD mom when ____.”

  • You run everywhere instead of walking. – Megan W.
  • You can spot another child with SPD in a crowd. – Jeannine O.T.
  • You automatically put your hands over your child’s ears when the train is coming. – Nanda G.
  • Another parent says so-and-so is ‘always mentioning’ your child, and you think, oh, gosh, why?! – Charlotte E.
  • ‘Vestibular’ and ‘proprioceptive’ are words you use daily. – Amy L.S.
  • You are not sure what size your kid wears because you have cut the tags out of all their clothes. – Jeannine O.T.
  • My daughter licks windows, and while people are shocked, I pretend like nothing unusual is happening behind me. – Dawn D.
  • When you lay awake at night for hours imagining what witty comment you should have said to the judgmental lady at the store. – Beth P.
  • When you start diagnosing your friends’ kids because you’ve read so much on the subject trying to help your own. – Jessica K.C.
  • You’ve grown oblivious to the looks and comments about your child wearing sunglasses in stores. – Amy L.S.
  • When you have five pairs of the exact same pants because they’re the only ones that feel “right.” – Brenna W.
  • “Mommy can you brush me”? Takes on a whole new meaning. – Megan W.
  • Your child wants you to hold them but doesn’t want you to touch them at the same time. – Martrisse H.
  • Your kids won’t go in the water but will happily lick the pool fence for hours. – Suzie R.
  • You see someone else’s kid throwing a tantrum and smile because it’s not yours. – Angie C.J.

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