Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ALL ABOUT SENSORY BINS!~ I love Sensory Bins! :)

Another great article on sensory bins, I know I have posted some similar articles in the past, BUT I love sensory bins! they are fun to create, address many needs, great sensory feedback-
  and sensory bins are a great way of exploring those benefits.
What is a sensory bin?
The simplest explanation of a sensory bin is a tactile experience in a contained area. They are an awesome hands-on tool for children to learn about their world and their senses. They may calm a child, focus a child, and engage a child.
Why should I make one?
Children- and adults- learn about their world by exploring and experimenting using their senses. When our senses are stimulated, messages are sent to our brain which builds neural pathways that are needed for future learning. You can see, then, why sensory bins are a great way for children to learn using all 5 senses at once.
Through sensory play and sensory bins, children are using the scientific method and are also building pre-math skills, fine and gross motor skills, speech and language skills, creativity and imagination, and social skills and self-esteem.
Above all, sensory bins are fun!
How do I make a sensory bin?
The first step is finding a container to put your sensory materials in. The container should be large enough to let your child explore without moving the materials outside of the bin. Most sensory bins have a base made with rice or another sensory material (bird seed, sand or water). Next, add tools including scooping materials such as spoons and measuring cups so children can scoop and pour!
Next, you can choose a theme for your bin and gather supplies. You don’t have to have a theme to your bin, but making themed sensory bins can be a lot of fun, and ensures a unique and novel experience when one theme is switched with another.
Click on the link, scroll down the article and then there are oodles of options to click on for ideas, categories, topics...endless...

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