Monday, April 6, 2015


Please check out this latest publication from the Canadian Association for Community Living. We have a contribution story from PEI, as well as other family leaders across Canada!

Meet family leaders across Canada – people in all walks of life taking steps to change hearts and minds at home and around the world.  Coming together… shares thought-provoking perspectives on how families are leading change in communities, and highlights events, resources and networks you can join.
In this most recent issue of Coming Together stories of the journey to inclusion, what it will mean for us as a family and how do we move beyond the labels (and the limitations) that have been placed upon our child. We are often swamped by the seemingly endless medical appointments, therapies, ongoing efforts to get access to the needed supports and services, and the day-to-day demands of caring for our child. Then our kids start school and our advocacy takes off with a roar. As parents we know that ensuring a full and inclusive education for our sons and daughters requires ongoing presence, insistence and high expectations. As we know, it can be exhausting. You can download the most recent issue and earlier issues at

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