Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Social Story: Today I Am Having a Blood Draw-video & printable

As often times many of our sons & daughters, loved ones, need to have blood work done on a regular basis, it can be very difficult to explain, manage and understand. The Autism Research Institute  has developed this series of three video social stories that are about 'Having blood drawn', 'Easing anxiety with medical play', and 'Caregiver strategies: positioning for comfort'. These are very well done, and give great tips & strategies, not only for someone with Autism, but any person who needs some extra support, in having such procedures done. 

Individuals with autism often face extra challenges during procedures like physical examinations and blood draws due to communication deficits and sensory issues. Watch these brief presentations aimed at facilitating developmentally appropriate, honest communication.

They also have printable social stories linked to the videos, although they are about the Johnson Center, they would be useful as a reference to you, in writing up your own social story, with language and pictures that would match up what your child's experience would be. Well done!



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