Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We are always trying to think of new ways, methods, social media paths to connect families together, so we can support each other, share resources, ideas or just 'hang out'. We are going to have a first ever "Cyber-Village Chat" tonight on Face book from 9-10 p.m. We hoped that time frame would allow you to  have time to yourself, grab a cuppa and pull up a chair or cozy up on the couch with your laptop, and join us in a discussion. As we all know the saying "It takes a Village to raise a Child", those of us who have a son or daughter, a loved one, or support a family who does, know how true that can be. We all ,at some point in our journey,need to look outside our tight circle, and ask for help, in the many forms that it is available. If you are free, and would like to join us, please feel welcome to do so.

For our first session, Wednesday night, March 4th, from 9-10pm, we thought we would share about some ideas for March Break, some tips on reducing anxiety, when plans, regular routines, school days seem to be disrupted. We can also talk about whatever else comes up! We will be chatting right on the Face book Event page, Let's try out this new avenue of connecting with each other. 
Looking forward to 'seeing' you at our chat. 

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