Monday, March 30, 2015

Temple Grandin again, is very eloquent with her description of Autism & how the minds of a person with autism work. Also how she 'thinks in pictures'. I am sharing a TEDx talk that she did in 2011.- called " A different kind of minds". May give you some insight on how to support, or to adjust your thinking somewhat, for problem solving and identifying what may create the optimum learning environments for different learners. 

A tireless advocate for people who think differently, Grandin makes the case that we need the collaboration of all kinds of minds to solve problems, prevent disasters, and accomplish objectives. Diagnosed with autism and someone who "thinks in pictures", Grandin sees the value in every individuals ability to make a contribution

The movie that Temple Grandin is referring to is one that Claire Danes starred in, in 2010 called "Temple Grandin". Definitely worth the watch.

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