Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I am always glad to see an article that Temple Grandin is featured in. To read once again, her words, and see her work, is profoundly important to the lives of our loved ones on the ASD spectrum. Every time I read a piece, I learn something, and it makes me think about how to better to support not only my Son, but the families that I walk with. 
Here is a excerpt from the article:
"The defining characteristic of autism, she explained, is a very uneven set of skills and abilities. That’s true of everyone, but the discrepancies are more extreme in those with autism, who tend to be “very good at some things, and not good at something else.” For those working with students or family members with autism, Grandin said, it’s important both to provide instruction on basic skills that may be lacking, and to support and reinforce the person’s skills and interests.
Such people may need a bit of extra help or accommodation along the way, she added, such as leaving a bit more time than usual to wait for a response to a question. “I want to see kids that are different get good outcomes,” she said. “I'm getting worried about that quirky kid who gets shunted aside.”
They key thing, she said, is to “Look at what they can do, not what they can’t do.”

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