Monday, April 4, 2016

Mondays Musings-reflections from a young lady

Circus Fish (Inspired by Dr. Seuss) 

Written by: Breanna B.

The Circus Fish lived in a tank.

They saved in a bank.

They lived in the blue.

And loved to swim too. 

All day long they swam laps.

Had lots of fun with a few flaps.

They never stayed mad for very long.

Because their friendships were very strong.

We should be like Circus Fish.

And get along with those who live in our dish.
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~graciously shared with permission of the author 


I am thrilled this morning to be able to share a wonderful introspective from a great young lady I know, and whose Mom is a dear friend. We are all connecting with each other, making new friends along the way, sharing what we know, what resources we have to help navigate this journey. Breanna has captured in her wonderful poem, the essence of inclusion and 'getting along with those in our dish'. Well done  Breanna! We should all be like Circus Fish! Sounds good to me. 

I am looking forward to your next installment. 

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