Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrating Earth Day April 22 & every day!

Earth Day

Earth Day, which was established on April 22nd each year. It is a day to think about our planet and what we can do to keep it special; to think about saving water and energy, reducing pollution, recycling, protecting our animals, trees and plants, and generally getting kids interested in protecting their environment. 
 "Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children".
Kenyan proverb
Here are some quick ideas for celebrating Earth Day with your children:
  • Plant a tree
  • Go for a bike ride or a long walk (leave the car behind) just get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. Talk about the earth and what is around your enviroment. Explore!
  • Hold a nature "scavenger hunt" (send the kids out into the garden or park in teams to collect - or spot - various items on a list you provide)
  • Talk about saving water when brushing teeth and saving energy by turning off the lights when you leave a room
  • Bake your favourite cookie or biscuit recipe and let the kids decorate with icing to look like the planet earth
  • Gather family and friends together and combine a picnic or other excursion with a litter clean-up
  • Set up a recycling centre in your home. Talk about the importance of re-cycling and re-using.
  • Look through your shelves and find some books to give away via your local charity shop or library
  • Get some fresh air!- according to the EPA, air pollutants in the home can be 2-5 times higher than outdoor air pollutants. Throw open your windows and let the fresh spring air in! While you're at it, encourage your kids to listen for nature sounds and write down what they hear.
  • Local produce doesn't need to be shipped long distance, and therefore helps to promote energy conservation by reducing the use of fossil fuels and packaging. It also helps to support the environment by offering a habitat to local wildlife and preserving open space. Be sure to check out what is grown in season and where you can purchase it locally, get your kids involved in creating meals that they know where the ingredients came from.
  • Read a book together! 

Love this song about the 3 "R's" & importance of taking care of our planet! Be sure to check it out and some of the other videos after this one, about Earth day! Get dancing, moving and learning!
Some cute ideas in this video as well! Nicely done Sunny! 
Sunny is back and this time her hacks are going green. From a bug themed tic tac toe game and a DIY planter to an adorable hummingbird feeder, Sunny is ready to celebrate a hacky Earth Day! Get all the environmentally friendly tricks right here..
Here's a memory card game, you can print off and play with your kids. 

Here's a link to a Earth day crafts & printable worksheets to check out. Lots of fun ideas and activities to do.

Check out this great link as well: 

You want to help fight climate change on Earth Day? Help Earth Day Canada grow the global forest! Join Earth Day Canada’s #Rooting4Trees campaign and together we’ll commit to planting 25,000 legacy trees for Earth Day’s 25th Anniversary in 2016.

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