Wednesday, April 13, 2016

7 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Avoid Morning Meltdowns!! Let's try it!

It's Spring, and with this change in the season,  the energy level in most houses probably needs some adjusting, to get us through the next couple of months. I know Yoga doesn't appeal to everyone, but even if you have a look at this article and pick a couple of these to do, every morning, its a great way to start the day, get you and your kids grounded. Takes a few minutes, connects you with each other, and a moment to catch your breath before the day has you running in different directions. Try it out and let me know if some work better than others. Find a quiet spot in the house and gather your troops and try a pose or two. It can quickly become a routine, and you may find yourself, doing a few moments of yoga during the day to gather yourself again. Or even going outside, on a sunny morning, tilting your face to the sun and deep breaths, are a great place to start. 
Getting kids up and ready in the morning is like playing the world’s biggest game of whac-a-mole. Once you’ve solved one thing, another issue pops up. No one wants to get out of bed and it goes downhill from there. It’s enough to turn the first part of the day into the worst part of the day.
So here is where a natural mood shift from yoga can help. Breathing and stretching through a simple and quick yoga routine can increase blood flow, improve circulation, and bring oxygen to the whole body. Giving yourself and your family even three minutes to twist, bend, and breathe can go a long way to a morning that flows.
Here are seven poses that will help you to avoid the early drama and bring a positive beginning to your day:

Inhale and reach your arms out to the sides, lift up to the sky and exhale and relax your arms back down.

Twist your whole body from side to side and swing your arms back and forth.

Lift up on tiptoes and reach your fingers high.

Bend your knees and bring your chest down toward your thighs. Sweep your arms back.

Bend your knees and glide your hands high.

Stand tall and press down through your feet and stretch your spine long. Roll your shoulders back and press your palms together.

Sit with your legs crossed. Your spine grows taller, your shoulders roll back, and rest your hands on your knees.

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