Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"What's GoingOn" on PEI-enjoy exploring & making memories

WOW! Summer is flying by and I have not been on the ball keeping the blog updated!! The boys are adjusting to summer schedules, one camp is winding down and another in a few weeks. There's been trips to the beach, some more successful than others. Transitions are always going to be an issue, regardless of the season or reason, but I certainly find that Summer seems to throw everyone off a wee little more. You may need to use visual schedules more, check lists, weekly calendar on the fridge, so everyone knows who is supposed to be where when. Another good tool to use is a small tape recorder, that can have the message recorded on it about what is happening, then your son or daughter can listen to it as often as they want. Or video tape a short message, on your phone, that can be accessed as often as needs be, and removes the constant asking and verbal back and forth, that sometimes creates more anxiety. Creating tools such as these can really support and reduce anxiety levels. Hope it helps!! 

On another note, here's a great link to what is "Going ON" on PEI. This is really a great resource to find out what is happening on the Island, in your community, village, or in neighboring ones, where you can take day trips and plan your staycations!! Our Island is always bursting in the Summer, lots to take in, experience and share with family & friends. Hope you all have a chance to do some day trips and make memories. 

There is certainly lots happening, from one tip of the Island to another. Take some time to have a look, and plan your day, weekend, or week ahead. Many blessings & travel safe. 

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