Thursday, June 30, 2016

Canada Day activities on the Island! Lots to do!

 End of the school year, and fast on the heels is Canada Day this week. What a way to bookend the last week of June and kick off our summer!! There are lots of great things happening across the Island, at many venues, communities, variety of activities, for many interests. Please click on the link for "Going On" PEI and have a look. You & the fam jam may enjoy hanging out at home and try to have a quieter celebration as well.I am hoping to do some beach combing and looking for sea glass. Perhaps this will be the summer I find the elusive red or purple....
Where ever your celebrations take you, may it be fun, peaceful and take the time to be thankful for living in this great County. A Canada that many are dedicated to ensuring all Canadians are included. 

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