Wednesday, February 18, 2015

 When you learn that your child is developmentally delayed or has a disability (which may or may not be completely defined) they often begin a journey that takes them into a life that is often filled with strong emotion, difficult choices, interactions with many different professionals and specialists, and an ongoing need for information and services. Initially, parents may feel isolated and alone, and not know where to begin their search for information, assistance, understanding, and support. There are many feelings that we go through that could include denial, fear of the unknown, guilt, confusion, powerlessness to change what is happening. 
One of the greatest supports can be turning to other families who are walking a similiar path. Talk to them, talk to your partner, spouse, family, friends, and other children you many have. Take one day at a time, learn the terminology, you may have to create new support circles for your family. Reach out, seek more information. Remember your child is still your child, first and foremost. Your child's development may be different from that of other children, but the person comes first; the disability comes second. Let's continue to work towards creating inclusive supportive environments for All. 

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  1. seperately each crayon in the box is appreciated for its uniqueness but when they are used together their beauty truly shines through. we all need others to reflect our light.