Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another great article on assistive technology 'tips' that can help the learning. Great ideas. This article shares 8 different types of assistive options that are not expensive and can really make a difference in the classroom for the learner. 

"The philosophy of inclusion promotes a sense of community. Children learn valuable social skills like empathy, problem solving, communication, taking turns, teamwork and more!
Individualized instruction for all learners allows them to master or review concepts at their own pace. Pupils are able to rewind clips, pause videos, or rework problems to develop a greater understanding of the lesson.
Surprisingly, educators have noticed that inclusion has benefited the entire student population—not just the ones who have an IEP. This process, aided with assistive technology, possesses the power to create meaningful experiences that are superior to one size fits all worksheets and direct lesson plans"

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