Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grandparents can be a wonderful support network for families and their grandchild with exceptional needs. They need to be acknowledged and celebrated for standing with us on our journey, as we, as families attempt to navigate a path that can often have many different routes. I  have included a couple of different links here, that talk about tips for Grandparents: 


and also while on the site, I found some suggested resources, books, articles that are about being Grandparents of a loved one with special needs as well as Autism.  I have not read these books, but sometimes, having links ready at hand, may make navigating somewhat easier. 


If you have discovered good sites, blogs, resources, please share with us, the more we can connect and support each other, the we can be prepared for our journey. Thank you, and please remember you are not alone, we are here to support, connect and walk with you. 

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