Wednesday, September 14, 2016

School fire drills-coming to a School near you!! be prepared.

As the new school year has started, the practice fire drills will be happening across the Island in the next couple of weeks. As many of us are aware, these are startling, loud, disruptive, and can be a hard event to handle, even if you are prepared for it. Take the time to talk to you child about what should happen when a alarm is heard. Take about it, show a video, read social stories, practice at home. This is a very important skill to be able to give to our children, not only for when it happens at school, but when it happens out in their community. It still startles me, when I hear it, so I can only imagine what it may feel like, sound like for a person who has some sensory challenges. Hope some of these suggestions help. Let us know if you have found other resources, tips, stories that have helped to support your son,daughter or loved one. Enjoy this glorious Fall!


THREE things to teach your child about school fire drills:
In the coming weeks, students and staff at Island schools will hear the peel of the alarm bell and will be taking part in school-wide fire drills. It’s a familiar routine most will remember from bygone school days, but for some younger students it may be a new experience. The drills are just as important for seasoned students and teachers, too.
“Everyone in the school needs to know how to get outside quickly and quietly, and because the best way to learn is to practice,” says Provincial Fire Marshal Dave Rossiter. “The lives of students and staff may someday depend on everyone knowing these procedures.”
Parents – here are three things for you discuss with your children, so everyone will know what to do when a fire alarm sounds at school:
1 - Stop everything. Listen for instructions from your teacher.
2 - Don’t panic, but go quickly and quietly out of your classroom. Walk in an orderly fashion. Don’t push or shove. Everyone needs to get out safely, and that includes both you and your classmates.
3 - Go to your meeting place outside the school and wait there. Your teacher will take roll call to make sure all students are safe. Remember, once you are outside, stay outside. Don't go back in until your teacher or another responsible adult says it’s okay.
Don’t forget to practice fire drills at home, too!
“Knowing what to do is the key to surviving a fire emergency,” says Fire Marshal Rossiter. “Fire drills help children and adults feel more comfortable with the noise, the activity and the process, so if a real fire occurs, everyone will be able to respond in a calm, organized manner.”
Officials from the Fire Marshal’s Office will be conducting fire drill assessments at Island schools beginning mid-September. For more information about fire safety for everyone

Social stories are AWESOME!! have a look at some of these, and use them if they would work, if not, use as a guide to create one that would work for you.

This site has A LOT of great social stories to download, so the link is for all of them, fire drill specifically is in lthird & last column to the right, 9th one down. Great resource.

This link also has some great tips & info on it. have a look. 

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