Friday, January 29, 2016

Fun Friday posts about "ABC's" neat videos & some coloring sheets

Today's post is brought to you by the letters "ABC" some great posts all about our letters. Have fun watching, and enjoy the songs, and crafts that go with the singing....have a fun Friday. This first video is the cutest ABC recital I have seen!! love his eyes..and the "W" is priceless. Well done John David! You are working hard and should be proud, that "W" is a tricky one. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post, for the coloring pages and the neat interactive coloring options. FUN stuff on a Friday afternoon & weekend ahead. 

This groovy ABC song is neat. When learning letters, my son did not like the usual  'sing songy' ABC song, this one made me smile, and think it might have been easier if we learned with this one at the time. He still cringes when anyone is reciting the alphabet...


Well who knew...
Elsa has a sister with fire powers, and she loves to sing the ABC song! Join Elsa and Calida as they warble a new duet that teaches the ABC's and new vocabulary.


Here is a link to a great coloring page, that has LOADS of options for coloring.

There is a great list of holiday/season/themes to choose from, as well as neat brand/character list to choose from, There's Thomas the Tank engine! Totally a favorite in this house! Rescue heroes, little people, power wheels, something for all your interests. 

AND you have to check out the totally awesome & fun section for interactive coloring. I had fun making the snowman. you get to click, build a snowman, listen to music, then print it off to color. SWEET- If you scroll down on the link for the coloring pages just above, on the lower left side, you will see the interactive coloring button, under "TYPE" be sure to have a look, its really neat.

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