Wednesday, November 4, 2015

National Down Syndrome Awareness Week- November 1-7: Let's Celebrate

As this week is national Down Syndrome Awareness Week, thought I would share some links to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society Webpage,
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is proud to announce National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (NDSAW), November 1-7, 2015.
NDSAW is a public awareness campaign focusing on the unique strengths and abilities of people with Down syndrome. By doing so, we work to ensure equitable opportunities for all Canadians with Down syndrome.

Why do we celebrate NDSAW?

Public awareness occurs year round through efforts made by the CDSS and local groups. There are many Canadians from many walks of life who benefit from understanding the value of inclusive communities. A special awareness week creates an opportunity for everyone to make a concentrated effort to celebrate the contributions of people with Down syndrome to society.

Declaration of National Down Syndrome Awareness Week

Canadian National Down Syndrome Awareness Week is an annual observance sponsored by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, November 1-7
At this time we take the opportunity to highlight the unique strengths and abilities of fellow Canadians with Down syndrome
Now is the time to demonstrate to each other and the rest of the world that Canada is a nation of people committed to a Canada where ALL are welcome, we embrace diversity and we value everyone’s genes equally
About one person in 800 is born with Down syndrome. Each one is a person first and a person with Down syndrome second
Down syndrome presents challenges for a child, their parents, their family and professionals in the fields of health, education and social science. It is vital that these challenges be met to ensure equitable opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome
As Canadians, we celebrate our similarities, as well as our differences, knowing we are richer as a result!
Check out the web link for more information.


Also wanted to share Jaxson's story, He has two great Moms : who have a blog and they explained it like this: 

My name is Holly, and along with my wife Alex, are mommas to a beautiful baby named Jaxson. Jaxson made us mommies overnight and has thrown us, head first, into the world of parenting, Down Syndrome and adoption. This is our blog about our randomly, beautiful life together.

Check out their adventures at the blog, there is also some great stories, and they talk about Jax's issues with sleep apnea in the October 24th post, that I am sure could be helpful to some.


Thanks to the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation, for creating this video called: "Down syndrome 101", an easy-to-follow video explaining the basics of Down syndrome. This educational video is perfect for new and expectant parents, and also great for use in school classrooms. Please check it out, and share.

This is another great video!! we are more alike than different!! Check it out! What do you want to be when you grow up?

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