Saturday, August 22, 2015

Temple Grandin video on some important skills to teach and encourage

Dr. Temple Grandin, always delivers some great points and information. Be sure to listen to this video. She's right, we need to encourage the interests &  skills our sons & daughters have, and increase their opportunities. She certainly understands the umbrella that ASD exists under, and wants to increase awareness.


Temple Grandin sits down with Nancy Asplaugh-Jackson from Autism Live to discuss her observations about those on the milder end of the spectrum.
Temple presses the importance of manners (from shaking hands to saying “please” and “thank you”) and developing a strong work ethic. She was taught these basic skills as a child, and she’s witnessed a decline in those niceties for people on the milder end of the spectrum. “So-called normal kids — they pick this up,” she says, “but autistic kids have got to be taught, and that’s not being done enough.”


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