Friday, June 5, 2015

Guided Relaxation-to make bedtime &sleep successful

A friend of mine sent these this link and I wanted to share. We all try many methods to ensure that our sons & daughters body and minds rest at night. It can be a difficult skill to teach and achieve. I adore the visualization in these and the stories that they are related to. Simply by saying them over and over to our kids at night, can help facilitate the technique. Hope you enjoy them, I included both the 'Peaceful butterfly' and the 'enchanted forest walk', check out the link for other suggestions, you can print the guided relaxation stories off. Namaste.

“Peaceful Butterfly” 

A nighttime relaxation for your child is ideal after an active day. Guided relaxation calms little bodies and minds. They’ll fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. Simply read the following words in a loving, soothing voice with a gentle pace, pausing often. Watch how your child visibly relaxes and engages the imagination in this meditative story. The more this script is used, the easier your child will relax and be able to concentrate. Close your eyes and take in a nice deep breath. Allow your tummy to fill up like a balloon, and then exhale slowly. Do this five times to really relax your whole body completely. (Pause for breathing.) Your body begins to feel deeply relaxed and sinks down further and further into your nice, soft bed. Your legs begin to feel very heavy. Your arms begin to feel heavy and relaxed. You enjoy every moment as your body continues to relax with each word I say. Now as your body relaxes, imagine you’re a beautiful butterfly fluttering high in the sky. You see the lovely green valley below you with lots of colorful flowers, just waiting for you to enjoy. You feel the wind blow against your delicate wings. As the wind touches you, it gently blows away any worries, any stress you feel. Feel how wonderful it feels to be so free. Your mind is clear and calm. You have left any worries far behind now. You are completely peaceful. You are beautiful as you allow your true happiness to shine through. The sun touches your body and warms you. The big, puffy clouds floating in the sky remind you how relaxed and calm you can be whenever you want, just by thinking about it. The earth is a patchwork of color and you enjoy each moment here, gliding along feeling so joyful and peaceful. You spread your wings far and stretch. It feels so good. Your body is calm and your mind is peaceful. You are ready for wonderful peaceful sleep tonight. Take in a deep breath now and exhale slowly. When you are ready, give your body a big stretch. With a clear, calm mind, say these words to yourself: I am peaceful and I am calm, ready for a wonderful adventure in dreamland. Good night little one. 


This time of year, children are busy studying for tests, doing homework and extracurricular activities. We want to make sure that they also take the time to relieve stress and enjoy quiet moments within. In this meditation, let’s use our imaginations to explore an enchanted forest to alleviate worries and stress. Gently close your eyes and take in a nice deep breath. Do this several times and allow your body to relax more and more with each deep breath. Notice how peaceful you become with this deep breathing. Notice how all your muscles begin to relax and feel good and loose. Continue to breathe normally now as I guide you on this marvellous adventure! Imagine yourself now, walking down a well-worn path in a beautiful forest. The trees have changed all their foliage and now you see an amazing display of colors – gold, red, orange and speckles of green. Leaves crunch beneath your feet as you walk along. The air smells so crisp and fresh. Its coolness tickles your nose and ears. It feels so very wonderful to be out here, in nature, enjoying the beauty of this place. In the distance you hear a waterfall, and you carefully walk towards the rushing water sound. As you come to the path’s end, you see the rushing stream. You see the most beautiful white waterfall right in front of you. It’s so calming and looks as if wet sunshine is cascading down onto large rocks. The sound of rushing water relaxes you. The water must be pretty cold because its fall now and days are growing shorter. Soon there may even be snow. Sit down a while and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Listen as the water pounds down on the rocks. Here any stress or worries you have seem to be washed away for good. The sound of the waterfall gushing down seems to make you relax more. It clears your mind and washes away any frustration and difficult thoughts. Allow the sounds to wash any worries away… just let them go. You may notice that you’re feeling calm and relaxed here in this place. This magical forest dressed up for fall is a special place just for you. You can come back here at any time to calm your body and mind and let go of any worries or stress. You know that everyone has worries and stress sometimes. The difference is that you know how to deal with them. When you want to relax and find peace, you can come here just by thinking of this place and imagining yourself here. This calm, peaceful place by the waterfall invites you to wash away your worries or stress anytime. You feel so good and refreshed now. You can feel renewed fresh energy entering your body and refreshing you completely. You’ve done a terrific job today. Now, you can just drift off into wonderful, deep sleep for beautiful dreams and a very peaceful night. Goodnight and sweet dreams.
In each issue of Green Child Magazine we feature our “Guided Relaxation” column. These columns are now available for you to download, free of charge, to use with your family.
These peaceful guided relaxation scrips are written by Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids®. Her guided relaxation audios help children and teens relieve stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem, feel fantastic in mind, body and spirit and develop a positive mental attitude at school and at home. You can learn more about the work that Mellisa does by visiting the ShambalaKids® website.

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